4 Menopause Kits to be won each worth £89

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4 Menopause Kits

4 prizes to be won!

4 KITS TO BE WON Worth £89 each! The menopause health check kit helps women to understand their bodies when hormone levels change. It assesses key biomarkers for bone health along with FSH, LH, and Oestradiol (Oestrogen) levels. Personalised results give users insight to take back control of their bodies.

Forth know that many women who believe they are transitioning through the menopause or are at the post-menopause stage struggle to understand their bodies and feel out of control. To allow women to take back control of their health, Forth have created the Menopause Health Check using biomarker profiling.

Menopausal symptoms include: irregular periods, weakened bone health, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, chills, night sweats, sleep problems, mood changes, weight gain and slowed metabolism - just to name a few! It goes without saying that this can impact life at work, home, and even relationships.

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This competition ends on 21/05/2020.


4 Menopause Kits x4

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4 Menopause Kits to be won each worth £89

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