Frequently Asked Questions

  • I haven't received my prize.

    If you haven't received your prize, you first need to ensure that you have waited at least 28 days for your prize to arrive.

    If 28 days have passed, you can fill in this form

  • I would like to update my address

    To update your address you can login to your account and visit the 'Account Details' section. On here if you scroll down you can see the address boxes where you can place the new address.

    If you are either filling in the registration form or updating your address on the account page and the address you are using cannot be found, please submit this form and include the new house number/name and also the postcode.

  • My login details are not working.

    Before anything you should be aware that

    • The password field is case-sensitive
    • Your email should be the email that you registered with

    If you are still having troubles with this then please visit this link. After entering your email address and clicking the Submit button you should receive an email allowing you to change your password.

  • I can't find my question?

    That's fine!

    You can simply submit a ticket using our contact form.

Still not found your question? - Simply fill out this form.